How do I register?  

You can register by clicking on the "Register" on homepage. Please provide the information in the form that appears.


Are there any charges for registration?

No. Registration on ProFresh is absolutely free.


Do I have to necessarily register to shop on ProFresh?

You can surf and add products to the cart without registration but only registered shoppers will be able to checkout and place orders. Registered members have to be logged in at the time of checking out the cart, they will be prompted to do so if they are not logged in.


Can I have multiple registrations?

Each email address and contact phone number can only be associated with one ProFresh account.


Can I add more than one delivery address in an account?

Yes, you can add multiple delivery addresses in your ProFresh account. However, remember that all items placed in a single order can only be delivered to one address. If you want different products delivered to different address you need to place them as separate orders.


Can I have multiple accounts with same mobile number and email id?

Each email address and phone number can be associated with one ProFresh account only.


Can I have multiple accounts for members in my family with different mobile number and email address but same or common delivery address?

Yes, we do understand the importance of time and the toil involved in shopping. Up to three members in a family can have the same address provided the email address and phone number associated with the accounts are unique.


Am I entitled to Free Delivery while promotional offers are running?

Delivery charges are extra (unless specified otherwise). Offers mentioned will be at a product level only.


Will I be able to order more than one of the same item?

Yes, you will be able to order more than one of the same item. Simply change the numerical value in your shopping cart to your desired quantity.


Can I edit my order once it is placed? Can I even cancel it?

Please review your order carefully before submission. In case you would like to rethink your purchase, please do so within the first 10 minutes of placing the order (by sending us an email or calling us). Please note that orders once packed cannot be cancelled or refunded irrespective of the mode of payment.

ProFresh takes utmost care to ensure that the meat delivered to you is extremely fresh by maintaining the ideal temperature levels, best in class packaging, and minimizing human touch. Thus, orders once packed cannot be cancelled.


I haven’t received my order confirmation email.

Your order confirmation e-mail is sent to the e-mail address linked to your ProFresh Account immediately upon placing your order. If you do not receive it, please check the junk or spam folder in your email client. If you still cannot locate the confirmation, you may log into your ProFresh Account and select 'Order History' to view all of your orders. If the order you placed does not appear, the order was not successfully confirmed. You may also write to us at support@profresh.store or call us at  +916366544965  if you’re experiencing any difficulties in placing and / or confirming your order.


Why are the items in my shopping cart no longer available?

Items will continue to appear in your cart until you’ve removed them or checked out. Make sure you are logged in to your ProFresh Account. Your name will appear on the upper right side of the screen. If you are not logged in, do so by clicking the 'SIGN IN' button. If you are logged into your account and if you have not checked out or removed the items from your bag, the items may have been sold out.


Is shopping at www.ProFresh.store secure?

Yes,  we ensures all the payments made to www.ProFresh.store are secure.


My item arrived damaged or defective. What should I do?

Meat products can only be returned if:

  1. It’s delivered after the expiry date.
  2. The package has been altered or damaged during transit.
  3. The item delivered is not what you had placed an order for.


Do you offer refunds?

Please note that orders once packed cannot be cancelled or refunded irrespective of the mode of payment. Please review your order carefully before submission. However, if your order has arrived damaged or defective, you can raise your concerns by reaching out to us at the time of delivery on +916366544965 . The refund will reach you in 15 working days.


Is ProFresh available across the country?

We currently operate in kolar.


How do I place my order?

You can place an order from our Mobile App, Website.


How long does it take to deliver my order?

Express Delivery orders will be delivered within 120 minutes and Scheduled Delivery orders will be delivered according to the time slot selected by you. Please note some localities might not be eligible for Express Delivery.


Can I pre-book an order?

Yes, We accept pre-booked orders provided they are 4 days in advance


How can I track my order?

yes ,you can track your order.


Can I ship to multiple addresses at the same time?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to multiple addresses at this time. We recommend placing separate orders for each address.


I can’t wait to get started with my ProFresh account.

Your e-mail address, Facebook or Google account is all that you require to sign-up and login.


I think I may have forgotten my password.

Go to the Password Reminder page and enter the e-mail address used to create your account.


I think I may have forgotten which e-mail address I used!

If you can’t remember your e-mail address, then you will need to create a new ProFresh Account.


I would like to see my previous orders.

You can find your previous order information by logging into your ProFresh Account. Choose ’Order History’ for a list of all successful orders placed under your account. For any order related questions, you can contact customer care at support@profresh.com or call us at +916366544965 .


What modes of payment do you accept?

We accept online payments through all major credit & debit cards, PayTM Wallet, cash on delivery and card payment on delivery is also possible. The payment has to be made in India Rupees, as per the final invoice.


What happens in case of a payment failure?

In case of any payment failures and charges incurred refund will be routed through the vendor’s payment gateway. Refund is back to source only and subject to third party vendor’s policy. Comment: payment to other than customer account. /third party payment t is not permitted under prevention of money laundering Act.

Note: What if customer pays cash on delivery and seeks refund due to cancellation?

Ask for Bank account details for NEFT, account details should match, if not, then a declaration is necessary.


What if I pay via Cash on Delivery and seek refund due to cancellation?

Send us your bank account details for NEFT. The bank account details should match with your ProFresh account. If not, then a declaration is needed from your side stating the same.


I have a quality concern. What do I do?

From processing to delivery, we take stringent care at every step of the way to make sure that there are no quality concerns whatsoever. However, if you still feel that there’s a lapse in quality from our end, you can contact us at profresh.store@gmail.com or +916366544965 .


Why there is a difference between my bill amount and what was shown on the website / app?

The prices mentioned on the site and app is for reference only. The final bill amount is based on the actual weight of the packed product. To ensure that you get the best quality product, we don’t mess with the size of the meat. You pay for only what you get.


What is the difference between gross weight and net weight?

Gross weight is the amount of product used to get the final output.


Why is there a difference between the price of local vendors and ProFresh?

ProFresh meats are the freshest, most hygienic and tender option available in market. The meat available at other avenues doesn’t qualify even the bare minimum hygiene and safety standards due to how it is sourced, handled, processed and packed.


Do you charge for the delivery?

A flat delivery charge of Rs.25 (including GST) is applicable on all deliveries.


I am unable to log in to my account.

Try the 'Forgot Password' option. If you’re still not able to log in, please write to us at support@profresh.store along with your registered email address. You can also call us with your registered mobile number at +916366544965 .


How do I reset my password?

Click on this link to reset your password. You’ll get a confirmation email with a link to reset it. In case you’re still facing problems, contact us via email at support@profresh.store or call us at +916366544965.


How do I change my address?

Go to your Account panel and just edit your address. Your default address will be updated automatically.


How will the delivery be done?

We have a dedicated team of delivery personnel and a fleet of vehicles operating across the city which ensures timely and accurate delivery to our customers.


Do you deliver in my area?

You will be able to check this detail at the time you login . If we are unable to deliver in your area , we will inform you before checkout.


Will someone inform me if my order delivery gets delayed?

In case of a delay, our customer support team will keep you updated about your delivery. Additionally 5% of the order value will be credited to your ProFresh account which can be used in your next order.


What is the minimum order for delivery?

There is no minimum order for delivery but we charge a nominal delivery charge as below.


What are delivery slots?

Delivery slots are time slots during which you will receive your order. ProFresh currently offers 4 delivery slots each day. These are:




Slot 1 - 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM.

Slot 2 - 9:30 AM to 12:00 pm.

Slot 3 - 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm.


Can I change my order delivery slot after placing the order?

Delivery slot cannot be changed once the order is placed. In case of an urgent requirement of change of slot please contact our customer support team and we will try our best to accommodate your request.


How do I add or remove products after placing my order?

Once you have placed your order you will not be able to make modifications on the website. Please contact our customer support team for any modification of order.


Is it possible to order an item which is out of stock?

No you can only order products which are in stock. We try to ensure availability of all products on our website however due to supply chain issues sometimes this is not possible


How do I check the current status of my order?

The only way you can check the status of your order is by contacting our customer support team.


How do I check which items were not available from my order? Will someone inform me about the items unavailable in my order before delivery?

You will receive an email as well as an sms about unavailable items before the delivery of your order.


How can I refer ProFresh.com to my friends?

Login to your ProFresh account through our website on your desktop or our app on your mobile.

On Website - Click on ‘My Account’ (top right) and you will find ‘Refer & Earn’ under ‘My Account’ Menu.

On Mobile App – Click on the Sidebar menu (top left) and go to ‘Refer & Earn’.

Use your unique Referral Code to invite your friends and ask them to sign up using your referral code.

On successful registration and delivery of a minimum order worth Rs.500 by your friend, you and your friend gets 5% off on next order.


I received an incomplete order.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please contact our team at +916366544965 . We’ll address your issue immediately.


I want to place a bulk order.

Yes, we do take bulk orders. Send us a mail to support@profresh.store or call us on +916366544965 and please specify the product(s), quantity, date and time that you require the order.


Can I apply multiple coupons on a single order?

No, you cannot club different coupons on a single order. Only one offer is applicable for a single order.


I want to unsubscribe from ProFresh promotional emails and SMS.

Use the unsubscribe button at the footer of your email or send us an email at support@profresh.store. You’ll be missed. If you have a change of heart, our doors are always open.


What is the difference between fresh / frozen meat?

 Frozen meat is any meat which has been held in a frozen atmosphere and whose temperature has dropped below -4⁰ C.

Fresh meat is meat straight from the animal, held in a chill atmosphere below 4⁰ C but above freezing temperature. Also, fresh meat is always ready for consumption right away. You don’t have to thaw it or wait for it to defreeze.


Am I being charged for the wastage too?

no, you’re not being charged for the wastage.


What is the shelf life of ProFresh meat?

All ProFresh products will have an expiry date sticker (or best before sticker) which would mention the date before which the product can be consumed.


Is it safe to freeze the meat, and then thaw it and consume?

Safe? Yes. As long as you cook it right after thawing. However, we won’t advice you to freeze it.

At ProFresh, we take great measures to make sure that the meat you get is always fresh, never frozen. You see, fresh meat loses its tenderness and juiciness when it’s frozen. That’s why we advise you against freezing meat.