About Us

WHY ProFresh ..?

ProFresh is our inhouse brand of ProTAC Foods International Pvt.Ltd. With the wide range of options in Chicken meat ,we give you best quality meat with fair prices. ProFresh  is committed to build a safe and sustainable environment for chicken lovers and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with every delivery.ProFresh is the process of establishing and procuring units here in kolar, for the people of kolar to have the delivery availability of chicken orders to their doorstep.


We are dedicated to using the highest quality meat

We take utmost care in selecting the best supplies to provide you with high quality of meat. By combining the wisdom of the past with the best practices of the present, our birds are raised without GMO’s or harmones. Our chicken is processed hygienically as per global standards under stringent manufacturing process. We also ensure to maintain perfect temperature throughout the supply chain.


Our Chicken is so succulent and tasty

Chicken is versatile protein that takes well to just about any kind of flavors you want to use. Our Daily fresh cut chicken is delivered to your doorstep directly from the factory. They are blast chilled for maximum flavor and have no added or retained water weight. Every product is stored and transported through insulated containers to attain maximum freshness.


Hassle free home delivery 

It's never easy to buy chicken with the long queue when you have to get going with work, stall out in rush hour gridlock, or you may even wind up overlooking it totally. we never have sufficient opportunity to do all the things we need to do. We're an application that associates you to the closest conveyance accomplice who can buy Chicken online from ProFresh store in the city and deliver it to you.

All you have to do is,

Login to our application or website, surf and add the items to the cart then checkout .

What occurs straightaway? Sit back and relax. We will deliver your product at your doorstep.